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About our logos         & stickers 

Our logo and decals may be a little on the edgy side, but they are inspired from a couple of "edgy" guys.  My purple heart grandfathers, both served in WWII. One, Joe Vaydich was a Navy sailor on the destroyer "USS Hopewell" that was hit and almost sunk before they made it back to port in the pacific theater.  My other grandfather served in the European theater, Richard Aylesworth, a tail gunner of a bomber plane with a pinup girl painted on its nose. His B-24 Liberator's name was "The Paper Doll".  Unfortunately, the Paper Doll didn't make it back from a bombing run, they were shot down and forced to jump out during an oil reserve bombing run in Germany. After jumping from his plane, Richard was captured by a NAZI patrol and was placed in a NAZI POW camp for 2 years before being liberated. 

Hey There

I'm Ryan.  I'm a good-natured guy who believes in enjoying the great outdoors every chance I can, honoring our natural resources, and trying to always leave things better than we found them.  I'm a proud Eagle Scout, who has spent all of his life enjoying what Mother Nature gives us.  Here in Wisconsin, we have some of the most amazing scenery on this Green Earth that you'll ever find.  I fell in love with the outdoors, and I love sharing that experience with others.  Not only that, but I'm teaching my kids to love and respect the outdoors while making amazing memories at the same time.  My true passion is to teach outdoorsmanship and create these memories with folks from all walks of life. It would be my pleasure to take you on an exceptional fishing trip.

We started Free Range Fishing Gear in 2015 after hearing a couple of friends stories about guided fishing trips gone bad. Grumpy, lazy captains paired with lost fish and empty frying pans due to low quality tackle made in other countries is no way to experience the great American outdoors. Since our first day we’ve handcrafted the best, high quality, American made tackle on the market.  We pride ourselves on producing tackle that we believe in, we use ourselves, and we truly believe will elevate your fishing experience.

We also offer custom made to order gear, and phenomenal fishing trips that will leave you with lifelong memories.  We're happy to customize our products to suite your needs and desires!


Email or call to book a fishing trip, or design some tackle!  Lets go fishing or bring your unique lure ideas to life! 


-Tight lines, plentiful bounties, and happy sailing,






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